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Cobham Explorer 323 Inmarsat BGAN terminal


Cobham Explorer 323 Inmarsat BGAN terminal

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EXPLORER 323 Ultra-compact comms-on-the-move BGAN terminal

Cobham BGAN

Compact voice and broadband solution EXPLORER 323 is an ultra compact BGAN terminal for voice and data communication on-the-move, a perfect match for PRISM PTT+ . The one-piece system consists of a combined tranceiver and switched beam antenna with integrated wifi. Whether you’re engaged in humanitarian operations, cargo or rail transportation, telemedicine or emergency services, you need easy deployable communication equipment you can always rely on. Regardless of time or place.

Cobham Explorer E323 BGAN

Instant communication Simply place the terminal on the roof - it is easily mounted with optional magnetic mounts - and connect your phone to the EXPLORER app or log onto the wireless network with your PC to turn the vehicle into a mobile communication hub. No moving parts The beam switching antenna is ultra compact and lightweight (just 3.6 kg / 7.9 lbs), ideal for vehicles or trains on-the-move. It is designed for robust and durable use with no moving parts.

No roaming BGAN offers mobile broadband connectivity wherever you go at fixed pricing with no roaming fees. With the EXPLORER 323 you know your cost of communication regardless of the number of borders you cross. First of its kind As an ultra-portable vehicular terminal, EXPLORER 323 is the first terminal with an Inmarsat Class 12 type approval, enabling it to be used for both M2M and traditional BGAN.

MJ Sales can custom manufacturer or kit the Cobham devices into a variety of cases and enclosures. 

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