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Small Cable TV Box Enclosure 8.5"x6"x3"


Small Cable TV Box Enclosure 8.5"x6"x3"

$ 14.00

The small Cabletek residential emcolsure rotects ground blocks and splitters from weather and tampering problems. Provides trouble-free professional installations. Cable TV Enclosure Super Tough U.V. stabilized material. Uni-lock accepts terminators, RG-59 connector fittings, hex-nuts, regular or tamper proof screws. Cable TV enclosure has locking hasps and hinges for security. Unique pivot passive mount insures clutter-free space, minimal jumpers and plenty of room for ground block splitters and traps. Recessed mounting feet and ample entry/exit ports.

Enclosure dimensions: 8.5"x6"x3" 



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