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Icom Iridium 3 in 1 fly away kit IC-SAT100


Icom IC-SAT100 Iridium Fly Away Kit 3 Pelican cases in 1

$ 1,299.00

Icom ruggedized fly away 3 Pelican 1450 hard cases, loaded into a "PTT Cache" solution for Icom IC-SAT100 Iridium push to talk radios. Two Pelican 1450 hard cases loaded with Icom radios and a third Pelican 1450 case with 6-Bay Icom battery fast charger. Be ready to communicate at a moments notice. Stored in one, rugged SKB hard case.

Icom Cache includes 3 Pelican 1450 hard cases stored inside 1 larger SKB hard case with handle and wheels.

Case with handle & wheels outside dims: 23"L x 17"W x 14"D
Total weight, without Icom radios & accessories: 41 pounds

Part No. ICOM 3 in 1

*** Icom Iridium radios and all accessories pictured are additional cost

Icom Iridium PTT Radios

Designed so that your communication teams can store and then deploy one hard case with handle and wheels to anyone, anywhere on earth. Iridium communications all in one. Simple.

Icom Iridium Radios Fly Away Kits

Icom Iridium Push to Talk

Voice, text and the rugged ICOM push to talk radios. Now that's the ticket!

Rugged Icom PTT radios for the most toughest conditions and all contained in one, compact, easily stored, Pelican container. The cases can be deployed in a moments notice. A real fly away kit with real down to earth, affordable cost. Protect your valuable communications equipment and your investment.

*** Icom Iridium radios and all accessories pictured are additional cost

Icom Iridium PTT Radio

And what happens when your team runs out of gas far from home base? No petrol, no generators, no power to charge your batteries or communications gear?

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 Icom PTT Iridium Go KitIcom IC-SAT100 Rugged hard case Iridium


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