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AT1621-12 Aerro Antenna Iridium mag mount 3.5 inch high gain  antenna with six cable


Iridium Magnetic Antenna AT1621-12 6 with 6 inch coax & TNC Female connector

$ 279.00

The Aero Antenna Iridium high gain magnetic antenna AT1621-12 delivers improved Iridium signal reception over the smaller portable auxiliary antenna.

The antenna has an outside diameter of: 3.63 inches

And with a 6 inch antenna cable molded into the antenna base, TNC Female connector installed on cable end, so that a various number of coax cable sizes and lengths of 50 Ohm cables can be calculated and used .

Iridium Satellite Series 9505, 9505A, 9555, 9575 and 9575 PTT hand held phones.

And Icom PTT hand held radios, including various other Iridium devices.

Connector: TNC Female, threads exposed.

Part No. AT1621-12 6

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