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MSAT PSTN 2-wire interface for MSAT G2

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MSAT PSTN 2-wire interface for MSAT G2

$ 750.00

The MSAT PSTN interface enables full handset emulation from a standard 2-wire analog telephone using the MSAT G2 Sat Phones. Telephone Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) Service. RJ-11 jack for standard or cordless telephones Ringer Equivalence (REN) = 3

Note: Fax machines, dial-up modems and other non-telephone devices will not operate with this device Two-Way Radio/Dispatch Radio PTT:  PTT control to initiate and receive MSAT G2 Dispatch Radio calls.

Change Talk Group TAG positions (including Private Mode with Directory Number (DN) entry.

msat g2 msat pstn 2-wire device


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