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Starlink Mini MJ Sales MCOM1 Mini hard case 1st responders military utilities

MJ Sales, Inc.

Starlink Mini Dish Terminal compact ruggedized hard case for First Responders & emergency management specialist

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Starlink new mini dish in a MJ Sales MCOM1 hard case.

Protect your Starlink mini terminal with the MCOM1 ruggedized hard case. Small, proven designs utilized over and over again by US Govt 1st responders, the US Military and major USA utility emergency management specialist. Starlink's small mini V2 for a more compact solution when traveling, exploring or on a critical field mission.


MJ Sales DOD case for US Marines, Iraq War


MJ Sales hard case for USAF, Afghanistan

Setting up case and dock station for USAF

MJ Sales case for US Army A Co


MJ Sales hard cases for PGE Gas line operations


MJ Sales hard cases for American Electric Power AEP

MJ Sales hard case and enclosures for FAA Year 1977


MJ Sales hardcase DHS Ice Lorton VA

MJ Sales cases for FEMA 


MJ Sales hard case solution with solar for P3 Solar


Hard case for Campos, gas line contractor


Hardcase for Israel software company


Hard cases for railroad operator in Brazil

Hard cases for State EOC Texas

Hard case for Hughes Co.


Hardcase for USAF

Hardcase design for Thales


Hard cases for FBI HRT


Enclosure table top unit for hard case for AEP

MJ Sales hard cases for Phoenix Fire

Building hard cases for FBI


Final revision for DOD Bearcat Iridium 9575 docking station


5 in 1 hardcase solution for the Federal Aviation Administration

Hard case for USMC MEU Camp Pendleton


5 in 1 case solution for California fire fighters


i75 Rev 2 Bearcat 9575 DOD Dock and HA87 Peiker Handset 


MCOM i75  Bearcat 9575 DOD Dock and NATO plug, DC power side panel concept


MJ Sales multi case solution for Iridium Go!



Hardcase delivery for local utility


MJ Sales hard case for Utah gas line operations



Kimber 1911 'Raptor II' and and MCOM1 i pro type hard case 


MJ Sales MSAT gear Arizona Fire install


MJ Sales hardcase for Thales MissionLINK 200


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