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MCOM1 M200 Flyaway kit for Thales Certus 200


MCOM1 M200 Thales MissionLINK VesseLINK 200 Iridium Certus Fly Away ESChat PTT

$ 1,999.00

Our new MCOM1 M200 Iridium flyaway kit for Thales MissionLINK or the Thales VesseLINK Certus 200 Iridium system. Protect your valuable investment in a Pelican hard case.  Internal back up Li-Ion battery for 'last chance', emergency communication. 8Ah Li-Ion battery.  Made in the USA
HS Code 8517.62.0050
Country of Origin: USA


Thales ESChat MCOM1 hard case for Iridium Certus PTT Push-To-Talk service


October 14 2022

Thales, in partnership with ESChat, is now offering Push-to-Talk (PTT) over satellite for customers worldwide.

Thales has expanded its footprint in satellite communications by providing a Push-to-Talk service that operates anywhere in the world as a result of the ThalesLINK on Iridium Certus L-band product series.

Users that have purchased ThalesLINK solutions, such as Thales MissionLINK or Thales VesseLINK 200 and 700 systems, can now access a reliable low-latency PTT solution.

MCOM1 M200 Hard case includes:
Pelican hard case, custom black powder coated aluminum metal inserts, AC-DC 160W Power Supply, 10 Foot ultra flex antenna coax cable, internal battery charge controller, DC IN power cable to MCOM1 M200 case, 12 volt Thales cigarette plug power cable, 8Ah 12V LiFeP04 Li-Ion battery. 
  • Optional: Thales Certus 200 MissionLINK or VesseLINK systems
  • Optional: Magnet mounts (Qty: 3) for MissionLINK antenna +$59
  • Optional: Thales 10-32 volt power cable $99
  • Optional: 12V power cable with battery clamps +$99
  • Optional: NATO 'Plug' Power Cable +$150
  • Optional: Antenna pole mount for fixed install +$59
  • Optional: Thales SureLINK handset +$Call
  • Option: Grooved cable entry, remote antenna and power case remotely +$25
  • Special order, special build. Lead times vary.

   Click here to view Thales VesseLINK 200 brochure

 Thales MissionLINK 200 flyaway kit MCOM1 M200

Thales MissionLINK 200 land mobile Iridium Certus system

Thales MissionLINK 200 Iridium Certus hard case MCOM1 M200

 Thales MissionLINK 200 hard case

Thales MissionLINK 200 Go Kit MCOM1 M200


12 volt 8Ah LiFeP04 lithium battery is standard, and upgraded battery capacity is available.

BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS) - Ensures that safety and long battery lifespan. Our Lithium batteries include an active BMS protection circuit that handles cell balancing, low voltage cutoff, high voltage cutoff, short circuit protection and temperature protection for increased performance and longer life. Safety measures provided by the BMS prevent overheating.

LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE - LiFePO4 Different Li-ion batteries use different chemistries. Our batteries are using lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4 for short. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are the safest lithium battery chemistry. Unlike the cell phone battery in your pocket, or the laptop battery on your desk, the structural stability of LiFePO4 results in significantly less heat generation compared to other lithium chemistries.

NO THERMAL RUNAWAY - Our Lithium cells do not produce oxygen The main cause of fire or explosion of a lithium ion battery is due to the cells being compromised or ruptured, which causes thermal runaway. Without proper management, thermal runaway may result in fire. Lithium LiFePO4 is extremely stable and does not produce the oxygen needed to aid thermal runaway and unlike other lithium battery chemistries will not result in a catastrophic meltdown.

100% COBALT FREE - No rare earth elements NCM and other lithium ion chemistries that contain rare earth elements such as Colton or Cobalt produce oxygen and toxic fumes when ruptured, leading to fire. Our batteries do not contain rare earth elements, and does not produce oxygen or a fire.

CERTIFICATIONS - Tested and certified for safety and reliability. Our batteries meet U.N. 38.3 standards and built from grade A cells. Our batteries are UL1642 certified and have been tested per IEC62133 standards. UN Manual of Tests and Criteria certified.

INSTALLATION & CARE - Treat your batteries right. When proper installation and battery care is followed, your LiFePO4 battery will be safe and reliable for many years.


Pictured with land mobile, MissionLINK antenna in Pelican case.

Thales Certus 200 flyaway kit

Hard case with optional 'milled' slot for cable entry. For use with the hard case lid closed. Certus power connection remoted with handset indoors or inside vehicle. Antenna installed at a distance, either atop a vehicle or at a distance outdoors.

Thales SureLINK handset


 ThalesLINK Iridium Certus 200

– Compact Antenna
– Reliable Global Connectivity

Wide Range of Marine & Land Applications:

▪ Container/Asset Tracking
▪ Environmental
▪ Sensor Data Collection
▪ Network/Saturation diversification
▪ Set it, and forget it

Perfect VSAT Companion
▪ SDF capability
▪ Preferred routing
▪ Cost-efficient option

▪ Public Safety
▪ Utilities
▪ Fishing Fleets


Stainless mount for Thales VesseLINK (maritime) or MissionLINK (land) antennas 

Thales P/N 1100856-503

MissionLINK 200 antenna pole mount


  Small Vessels/Yachts

▪ Antipiracy
▪ Social Media
▪ Email

Small Commercial Maritime
▪ Fishing Fleets
▪ Tug & Towing
▪ Comms & Environmental 


▪ Terminals are GMDSS-ready, additional hardware required
▪ Iridium SIM card needed
▪ Working with regulatory entities

▪ Mobile command center
▪ Emergency comms
▪ Mobile office

Magnet mounts for Thales MissionLINK 200 Iridium Certus antenna

Thales P/N 1100856-501


Many power and cable options to backup and assure power to your device when needed.

Thales MissionLINK VesseLINK 200 cables

Thales Certus 200 antenna mounting pole mounts mag mount


Thales Certus 200 VesseLINK antenna with pole mount in dense foam block

Thales Iridium Certus 200 VesseLINK

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