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PCM55SAW Pico Digital Tru Spec Modulator Channels 51 thru 78 & 95 thru 99

Pico Digital

PCM55SAW Pico Digital Tru Spec Modulator Channels 51 thru 78 & 95 thru 99

$ 109.00


  • Available in Channels 2-78 and 95-99
  • Full 55dBmV output for optimum carrier-to-noise performance
  • In-band carrier-to-noise ratio >62dB ensures superior picture quality
  • BTSC Stereo Compatible pre-emphasis disable switch provides pass-through for stereo signals
  • Highly accurate DIP switch controlled digital phase-locked loop (PLL) design guarantees precise frequency locking for solid driftfree operation
  • SAW filtered IF for superior adjacent channel performance enables drop-in channel expansion  
  • Front panel controls and test point enable easy setup and monitoring
  • IRC and HRC offset available for frequency settings in systems using offset channels
  • Auxiliary AC outlet for convenience

The Pico Macom PCM55 SAW is a professional grade microprocessor controlled phase-locked loop synthesized channelized-agile audio-video modulator. The PCM55SAW provides a full 55dBmV minimum.  This modulator is used in more heavily channel-loaded systems and where cost effective expansion up to 550MHz is desired. Its phaselocked loop frequency control, and superior SAW filtering enhances stability, minimizes adjacent channel interference and assures accurate and spurious free output. The modulator is equipped with a pre-emphasis disable switch which enables pass-through of high-fidelity BTSC stereo signals where available. Superior out-of-band carrier-to-noise performance is achieved through bandpass filtering at the output amplifier. The modulator is shipped with all internal adjustments preset.

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