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P3Solar Dynamo 480


Dynamo DC 480 Power Pack 18102

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P3Solars Dynamo DC 480 provides a lightweight portable high capacity 12V battery pack with 480 watt hour Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charge controller available in a waterproof carry case.

P3 Solar Dynamo DC 480

At 16 lbs it offers the lightest weight waterproof 480W-hr battery pack on the market. Add our 125W foldable solar panel and the system is still under 20 lbs.

Dynamo DC 480 Power Pack, Yellow Case PN 18102 Black Case PN 18101

P3Solar Dynamo DC 480 Power Pack

P3-125W Portable Solar Charger

Reliable and portable solar power for mission critical electronic gear.

* P3-125W not included with the Dynamo DC 480, click here to purchase


When all else fails, and all fuel is depleted and solar is your only backup, choose P3Solar solar chargers and the Dynamo DC 480


Solar field wiped out, sunrise after Hurricane Maria passed over St Thomas V.I.


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