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Iridium AC Charger ACTC0901


Iridium AC Charger ACTC0901

$ 109.99

The Iridium AC charger ACTC0901 may be used with Iridium series 9505A, 9555, 9575 and 9575 PTT satellite phones.

Includes international plug kit. Iridium accessory part number: Charger P/N ACTC1601 and International plug kit Iridium accessory P/N IPK1601

**Iridium AC Fast Charger P/N ACT1601 replaces previous P/N ACTC0901, ACT0401, ACT0601 and ACTC0701

** Iridium International Plug Kit P/N IPK1601 replaces previous plug kit P/N IPK0601

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