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MSATe MSAT G2 Marine PTT System from Ligado

Light Squared

MSATe MSAT G2 Marine PTT System from Ligado

$ 5,799.00

The Ligado (formerly Light Squared) MSATe is a maritime voice and 2-way radio dispatch satellite telephone.

The new MSATe replaces the older model MSAT- G2 PTT Push-to-Talk satellite telephone system.

The new MSATe menu's and operation are identical to that of the older MSAT-G2 sat radio.

Complete system includes:

  • Hughes 2110 Transceiver with mounting bracket
  • Power wire harness, User Guide (12V Power supply not included)
  • Peiker HA-40 Dual Handset, both voice & PTT Microphone
  • SpaceCom 3 Axis, marine grade Antenna SPAC-AS-LS321
  • 60 Foot antenna coax cable
  • Spacecom 3 Axis, stainless steel antenna mount  
  • Alaskanet compatible

MSAT-G2 USER GUIDE Ligado MSAT-G2 User Guide


MSATe PTT Ligado system

MSATe Maritme PTT Radio system

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