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Mobile Comms Hub for Fleet Communications and Management

Peiker International

Mobile Comms Hub for Fleet Communications and Management

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Communicate with and monitor all vehicles within a fleet with a single system. The PTCarphone and PTVoicebox from peiker are vehicle-mounted, LTE voice and data solutions connecting the vehicle to the world while allowing for complete management of capabilities and monitoring of the location and situation.

  • Replacement for the obsolete Motorola M930 car phone systems.

• LTE Voice and Data
• GPS Location
• Wi-Fi hub
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Greater range through an external antenna
• Hands free microphone and speaker or private calls through a full-featured handset
• Two handsets for intercom use in larger vehicles
• Six I/O ports to monitor and report status
• Emergency call function
• No need for an expensive radio system

Increase Safety

• Always connected and inside the vehicle
• Hands-free calls
• Location monitoring
• Full control of phone usage
• Immediate notification of accidents or break-ins
• Connect and live-stream two cameras
• Emergency call feature with the speaker muted

Increase Efficiency

• No more lost, broken or dead phones
• Tracking of location and route
• Block unauthorized calls

  • Replacement for the obsolete Motorola M930 car phone systems.

Strong in Rural Areas:

RhönEnergie Transportation Provider Uses Traditional Car Phones

How do transportation companies make sure drivers and
dispatchers can reach each other at all times? This is often
difficult, especially in rural areas, where distances are large
and network coverage is poor. RhönEnergie Verkehrsservice
GmbH, based in the city of Fulda, has equipped its buses
with the PTCarPhone from peiker. The traditional car phone
features high reception quality and effective cancellation
of echoes and ambient noise. This makes the PTCarPhone
a good choice for even rural areas and loud driver
environments, like those on buses.

Articulated bus, RhönEnergie

“Traditional radio connections without a mobile radio connection reach their limit at some point. In 2011, our lines in the Fulda rural district were further expanded, and we needed an alternative to traditional radio technology,” says Thomas Lang, the managing director of the RhönEnergie transportation provider, who is also an engineer. After an initial test of ten units, the company ended up equipping
120 buses with the PTCarPhone. Communication between drivers and dispatchers becomes necessary, for example, when delays or other traffic issues need to be announced. But this can also be the case in an emergency, such as if a passenger suffers a health problem. “We have to be able to guarantee that we can reach each other at all times,” Lang explains. Since 2011, the fleet – which encompasses 207 vehicles in all – has been traveling approximately ten million
kilometers each year.

The car phone that RhönEnergie Verkehrsservice GmbH
is using is the PTCarPhone 3.


Alongside a hands-free kit, it also has a handset that the driver can pick up for greater discretion when talking with the dispatch center. In addition to connectivity, Lang sees the ability to manage the phone book centrally as another advantage. “Our fleet is always changing. If we had to make the necessary updates individually on every phone every time, the amount of work
involved would be huge,” the managing director explains.

With peiker’s car phones, by contrast, a single text message sent to all devices at the touch of a button is enough. The car phones then automatically download the updated version of their assigned phone data from an FTP server.

Thomas Lang, RhönEnergie

Lang is happy with the introduction and operation of the
PTCarPhone 3. “We are delighted to have found a capable
partner and a reliable solution with peiker.”

PTCarphone Motorola M930

peiker PTCarPhone

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