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P3Solar 100w


P3Solar 100W Portable Solar Charger 18025

$ 900.00

P3-100W Portable Solar Charger

Reliable and portable solar power for mission critical electronic gear.

P3Solar’s P3 products are designed for United States and Allied Armed Forces personnel requiring the smallest, lightest, highest power density portable solar chargers in support of mobile forces operating in austere environments. Our products scale to meet the mission’s portable power needs and are reliable to use again and again. We deliver these products in a timely, cost effective manner and support their use until no longer needed or functional.

P3Solar Part No. 18025

P3 100W 12V BLACK 18025


• Rechargeable Batteries
• GPS Devices
• Laptop Computers
• 2-way Radios
• Satellite & Cell Phones
• PDAs MP3 Players
• Satellite Terminals
• Thermal Imaging Camera’s
• Laser Rangefinders


When all else fails, fuel is depleted and solar is your only backup, choose P3Solar!

Solar field wiped out, sunrise after Hurricane Maria passed over St Thomas V.I.

Deployed, mm: 1333 x 1003 x 1.0
Deployed, inches: 52.5 x 39.50 x 0.04
Folded, mm: 261 x 318 x 32
Folded, inches: 10.25 x 12.5 x 1.25
Weight: kg (Ib) 1.13 (2.5 )
Max Output: 100 watt (22v at 4600mA)

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