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Antronix 16 Way Splitter CMC2016H


16 Way Splitter Antronix 1GHz

$ 29.99

Antronix 16 Way Cable TV splitter P/N 2016H, is designed with the highest electrical and mechanical performance. The Antronix 16 way cable TV signal splitter is perfect for Digital Off Air Antenna and Digital Cable applications. Antronix cable TV splitters are the finest cable tv cable splitters manufactured. Antronix cable TV splitters offer full 1 GHz bandwidth. Antronix proprietary cable TV splitters ferrite core material to provide ultra linear performance that is consistent from ferrite to ferrite. Excellent RF performance Antronix cable TV splitters. The Antronix cable TV splitter housing and back plate are zinc alloy to eliminate rust and corrosion.

  • Fully soldered-back cable TV splitters for optimal RFI
  • Machine threaded "F" port cable TV splitters
  • Surface-mount technology cable TV splitters
  • Premium component cable splitters
  • Low distortion prevents harmonics from appearing in the forward path due to high-level return path signals
  • Capacitively coupled "F" ports to prevent hum modulation from subscriber locations and RF distortion
  • Surge resilient to withstand high surge voltages
  • High port to port isolation cable TV splitters
  • Excellent return loss cable TV splitters
  • Optimized return loss and isolation in the return frequency band to support stringent multimedia transmission

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