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8 way splitter

Pico Digital

8 Way Splitter Tru Spec 1Ghz

$ 5.99

8 Way Cable Splitter P/N DSU-8P. Die Cast 8 Way Splitter for Digital TV Cable, TV Distribution and TV antenna distribution. 8-Way Splitter for Broadband 5~1000 MHz frequency range.

Tru Spec's High-performance printed board circuitry provides improved hum modulation and intermodulation parameters to ensure superior signal quality (DSU-P Series). Yellow-chromate plated zinc-alloy 8-Way Cable TV Splitter diecast housing ensures excellent ground bonding and long corrosion-free service life in indoor/outdoor applications. Epoxy-sealed back cover provides effective EMI-RFI shielding -70 dB, eliminating signal ingress to provide distortion-free pictures. Our 8-Way Cable TV Splitter,1-inch centered 3/8_ long precision machined F-connector threads ensure improved port-to-connector interface and accommodate external security devices. High retention internal seizing pins provide improved connectivity to connector center lead.

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