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ASE MC-03 Docking Station for Iridium 9505A sat phone


Iridium Docking Station ASE-MCO3-H for Iridium 9505A Sat Phone includes Iridium DPL Handset

$ 2,099.00

ASE-MCO3 Docking Station for Iridium 9505A satellite telephone, includes Intelligent DPL handset.

All 9505A Iridium Docking Stations include AC/DC Transformer and AC and DC Cords, User Manual on CD.

Unlimited usage. Unlimited devices. No airtime costs.

Take advantage of a first-of-its-kind fixed-price contract between the US government and Iridium for secure, reliable, global communications solutions.

Unlimited airtime — all you pay for is any new hardware

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