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Belden EX11 EX11N716PLUS Compression Connetcors


PPC EX11N716PLUS RG11 Compression Connector

$ 1.99

RG11 compression connector PPC EX11N716PLUS SignalTight 

Individual connector


Belden EX11 EX11N716PLUS Compression Connetcors 

Belden patented RG11 compression connector EX11 connectors are the only Universal Compression connector available today.  360 degree circular compression provides durable weather seal. One piece design RG11 EX11 Compression Connector. Accepts industry standard 1/4"-1/4"-1/4" cable prep. O-Ring provides complete seal between nut & body.  Superior corrosion resistance and RF integrity.

Protection against loose connectors Digital services are seriously impacted by loose connectors: Pixilation and tiling of video • Reduced data speeds • Poor VoIP voice quality

Achieves signal transmission approaching that of a fully-tightened connector, even if left loose!

• Unique 7/16” nut prole allows hand tightening while discouraging wrench-tightening on CPEs

• Maintains ground contact even when  less than finger tight

• Reduces QAM errors/packet loss • Prevents service issues from loose connections

• Ideal for customer self-install kits

The patented SignalTight® connector is built on the industry proven EX® Universal Compression
Connector platform.  The engineered beryllium copper continuity member ensures electrical
continuity is maintained through the full range of motion a loose connector can experience. 
SignalTight® prevents service issues cause by loose non-continuity connectors such as
pixilation, tiling, reduced data speeds and poor VoIP quality.  SignalTight® has quickly become
the most adopted premium connector in the industry.


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