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Iridium Cable Kit


Iridium Antenna Cable Kit

$ 89.00

Iridium antenna cable kits customized manufactured 50 ohm Iridium antenna coaxial cable kits for the Iridium Satellite Telephone systems.


  • 8,10,15,20 meter Iridium main antenna cable
  • .5 meter antenna jumper
  • 1.5 meter phone jumper
  • Tube of Stuf Dielectric waterproofing filler
  • Roll of Coax-Seal moldable tape

Iridium cable kit with antenna and 9505A handset



SKN6121A-8, SKN6121A-8W, SKN6121A-10, SKN6121A-10W, SKN6121A-15,

SKN6121A-15W, SKN6121A-20, SKN6121A-20W

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