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COAX-SEAL Hand Moldable Plastic Coax Connector Sealant


COAX-SEAL Hand Moldable Plastic Coax Connector Sealant

$ 4.00

COAX-SEAL hand moldable plastic coax connector fitting sealant for coax connectors. COAX SEAL stays flexible at any temperature. COAX SEAL is non-contaminating.

COAX-SEAL is non-contaminating. COAX SEAL seals coax connector fittings from moisture and corrosion. Insures low SWR. 1/2" x 60" Roll. Cable installer approved.

Seals coax fittings and connection points from moisture and corrosion. Stays flexible at any temperature. Great for all-season installations.

  • Pliable sealant keeps moisture out of sensitive electrical fittings.
  • Non-contaminating, non-conductive, forms and seal over odd shaped and difficult coax cable fittings.
  • Permanent-long life, provides years of protection.
  • Fast and easy seal for all types of antenna connections
  • Used in many industries including: telecommunications, wireless networks, armed forces, space, radio
  • Great for radio antennas, radar, wireless networks, cable TV, satellite dishes and outdoor speakers
  • Stays flexible hot or cold; easy to remove
  • Each roll is 1/2 inch wide and 60 inches long. One package is enough to protect about 10 coax cable connectors.

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