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MSAT G3 Antenna Pole Mount for Cobham G3

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MSAT G3 Antenna Pole Mount for Cobham G3

$ 199.00

Stainless steel, dual purpose antenna pole mount for the new Cobham Explorer MSAT G3 antenna. USA Made fixed site pole mount for the installation of the MSAT-G3 antenna.

Slides over a pipe, or mounts pipe-to-pipe with included hardware.

The antenna mount will slide over a pipe of maximum diameter of 1 3/8 inches.

Part Number: G3-PM-6

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Cobham MSAT-G3 antenna mount

Pipe to Pipe G3-PM pole mount for Cobham MSAT-G3 antenna

Cobham MSAT-G3 antenna mount

Pole mount G3-PM for Cobham MSAT-G3 antenna


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