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Electroline EDA-2500MMA Cable Amplifier


Cable Amplifier Electroline 4 Way EDA 2500MMA

$ 36.00

The Electroline EDA2500MMA 4-way amplified MultiMedia digital cable amplifier.

The Electroline EDA2500MMA has 4 outputs to feed entertainment terminals distributed in the subscriber's premises, plus an additional output port to feed a Multimedia Terminal Adaptor (MTA) that has built in battery backup. VoIP / Modem Port Output

-Field-proven reliability
-4-Port TV Outputs
-Passive MTA port VoIP / Modem Output
-Active Return path
-Hermetically-Sealed Housing
-High return loss
-Surge Protected (IEEEC62.41-1991)
-SCTE Compliant F Ports
-LED Power Indicator
-360 Á center conductor contact
-Enhanced MOCA Performance
-3 port selection for power

Electroline Cable Amplifiers EDA 2500MMA

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