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PPC EX6XL PLUS RG6 Compression Connector


PPC EX6XL PLUS RG6 Compression Connector

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PPC-BELDEN SignalTight RG6 compression connector.



Protection against loose connectors Digital services are seriously impacted by loose connectors: Pixilation and tiling of video • Reduced data speeds • Poor VoIP voice quality

Achieves signal transmission approaching that of a fully-tightened connector, even if left loose!

• Unique 7/16” nut prole allows hand tightening while discouraging wrench-tightening on CPEs

• Maintains ground contact even when  less than finger tight

• Reduces QAM errors/packet loss • Prevents service issues from loose connections

• Ideal for customer self-install kits

The patented SignalTight® connector is built on the industry proven EX® Universal Compression
Connector platform.  The engineered beryllium copper continuity member ensures electrical
continuity is maintained through the full range of motion a loose connector can experience. 
SignalTight® prevents service issues cause by loose non-continuity connectors such as
pixilation, tiling, reduced data speeds and poor VoIP quality.  SignalTight® has quickly become
the most adopted premium connector in the industry.

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