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Dual Ground Block 3 GHz Rated GRB-2DHR

Pico Digital

Dual Ground Block 3 GHz Rated GRB-2DHR

$ 1.29

Lower Insertion Loss Dual Ground Block P/N GRB-2DHR
The GRB-2DHR series 3GHz ground block has approximately 1/3 the insertion loss of standard splices at higher frequencies.
Higher Frequency Operation
The internal air dielectric in combination with the symmetrically round pin provide superior matching over wide frequencies between DC and 3 GHz.
Beryllium Copper Seizing Pin
The use of the more expensive beryllium copper material for the center conductor seizing pins insures a greater holding force than the traditional phosphor bronze or copper pins used in standard splices. The advanced material also maintains a higher spring tension over repetitive insertions.
Accepts a Wider Range of Cable Center Conductors
Due to the greater elastic capability of beryllium copper, the G-F81 series can accept a wider variation in cable center conductor sizes and maintains its high strength on the smallest cables even after repetitive insertions of the largest cables.

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