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MCOM1 i75 Iridium Flyaway kit with ASE DK075 Docking Station

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Iridium Flyaway Kit MCOM1 i75 with ASE 9555 Dock

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The MCOM1 i75 is compact, ruggedized Fly Away Iridium 'Go Kit'  in a Pelican 1520 hard case.

The MCOM i75 is designed around Iridium docking stations from both ASE and Beam Communications.

Fly Away Kit for Iridium series 9555 satellite telephone with ASE DK-075 9555 docking station.

Dock with 2-Wire 'Pots'; Voice handset and hang-up cup; Black, Pelican 1520 Hard Case; Magnet Mount Helix Antenna; Single Bay Battery Charger; 20 Foot UltraFlex Antenna Coaxial Cable; Aluminum panel with aluminum brackets and hardware; Storage Compartment; Black Powder Coat - SilkScreen Panel; Power Switch and Panel Indicators; ACDC UPS Main Power Supply; AC-DC Secondary Power Supply; SLA 12VDC Battery; AC Power Cord; Cigarette Lighter Power Cord.

**Iridium 9555 handset is not included.


MCOM1 i75 Iridium ASE DK-075 Go Kit

MCOM1 i75 Iridium ASE DK-075 Fly Away Kit

MCOM1 i75 Iridium ASE DK-075 Go Kit

ASE DK075 MCOM1 i 75 Go Kit Fly Away Kit

 MCOM1 i75 Iridium ASE DK-075 Go Kit

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