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Iridium Prepaid Airtime - Global Airtime Rates


Iridium Prepaid Airtime - Global Airtime Rates

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Iridium Global Airtime Rates

No monthly bill and no contract, ideal for seasonal workers, projects or infrequent users.

Iridium calling cards.

Iridium Global Prepaid Minutes are reloadable.  If more minutes are loaded prior to any existing minutes expiration date, the existing minutes carry forward and expire along with the new minutes.

Price Effective Rate Validity Period
75 Minutes N/A N/A N/A
200 Minutes N/A N/A N/A
600 Minutes $850 $1.42/Minute 1 Year
1,000 Minutes $1,650 $1.55/Minute 2 Years
3,000 Minutes $3,350 $1.12/Minute 2 Years
5,000 Minutes $5000 $1.00/Minute 2 Years

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