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Thales Certus 200 Iridium flyaway kit VesseLINK


MCOM1 M200BV ruggedized hard case for Thales Certus 200 VesseLINK ESChat PTT

$ 899.00

Pelican ruggedized hard case designed for the Thales Iridium Certus 200 VesseLINK system. Safely transport your Thales VesseLINK into the field and back home.

Over and over again.

HS Code 8517.62.0050

The smallest, the lightest and toughest hard case available.

The MCOM1 M200BV Includes: 

  • Pelican 1520 hard case
  • Custom powder coated metal top panel
  • 20 Foot ultra flexible antenna coax cable with connectors
  • Option: Thales Certus 200 MissionLINK or VesseLINK systems
  • Option: Yellow or Black foam block for antenna storage +$39
  • Option: 12V power cable with cigarette plug and Thales power connector on other end +$99
  • Option: Thales SureLINK handset +$1099
  • Option: AC-DC Thales 12V power supply +$149
  • Option:  Screw on antenna base for 1" 14 thread mount base +$69
  • Option:  316 stainless steel antenna pole mount with hardware +$49
  • Option:  router groove in case for cable entry +$25

MCOM1 M200 basic pelican case for Thales Certus Iridium

ESChat Iridium Certus Push-To-Talk PTT Thales MCOM1 hard cases


October 14 2022

Thales, in partnership with ESChat, is now offering Push-to-Talk (PTT) over satellite for customers worldwide.

Thales has expanded its footprint in satellite communications by providing a Push-to-Talk service that operates anywhere in the world as a result of the ThalesLINK on Iridium Certus L-band product series.

Users that have purchased ThalesLINK solutions, such as Thales MissionLINK or Thales VesseLINK 200 and 700 systems, can now access a reliable low-latency PTT solution. 


Thales Certus 200 VesseLINK



  Optional:  'Xote' foam antenna blocks, added protection for antenna storage in case

Hard case with optional 'milled' slot for cable entry. For use with the hard case lid closed. Certus power connection remoted with handset indoors or inside vehicle. Antenna installed at a distance, either atop a vehicle or at a distance outdoors.

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