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mcom1 m2

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MCOM1 M Fly away kit with Thales MissionLINK 700 system

Designed and built in the United States of America, in Pearce Arizona.


  • Thales MissionLINK 700
  • MCOM1 M Pelican hard case with handle & wheels
  • 8Ah 12 volt LiFeP04 battery (96W) TSA transportable
  • 10 Foot Ultraflex antenna coax cable
  • 6 Foot 12 VDC cigarette plug power cable
  • 6 Foot 10-32 VDC cigarette plug power cable
  • 160W 24 VDC Power supply. Power and charge the battery
  • Internal battery charge controller
  • Dual storage compartments with hinged, access covers
  • Black Nylon Tote bag 

Thales MissionLINK 350 Iridium Certus MCOM1 M MJ Sales, Inc.

Upgrades, additional cost

  • 26Ah 12 volt LiFeP04 battery (312W)
  • 40 Foot Ultraflex antenna coax cable (Extended distance)
  • NATO Plug power cable, 15 foot. Power and charge the battery
  • 30 Watt foldable solar panel
  • Side access panel, 4 x connectors with spring loaded cover
  • Thales SureLINK Handset

Thales MissionLINK SureLIK IP Handset MCOM1 M Fly away kits

 MJ Sales flyaway kit MCOM1 M for Thales MissionLINK 700

Thales Defense MissionLINK 350

 Thales transceiver in 'High Position'

Thales Defense MCOM1 M SureLINK


Thales transceiver in 'Low Position'

Thales Flyaway Kit

Thales MissionLINK Fly Away Go Kit MCOM1


LiFeP04 Battery for Iridium Certus Thales MissionLINK MCOM1 M

Thales MissionLINK Iridium MCOM1M Battery Box chassis on my desk

 Thales MissionLINK SureLINK Iridium

Thales MissionLINK Power cables

Thales Defense Fly away kit Iridium Cerus

Thales MissionLINK Transport Case MCOM1 M

 Thale 10-32VDC power cable for MissionLINK

 Thales VesseLINK antenna coax cable Nato Plug 24VDC cable for Thales MissionLINK


 Thales Defense Iridium Certus

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