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MSATe Mobile Satellite Radio Peiker HA40 MSAT PTT Push to Talk

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MSATe Mobile Satellite Radio Peiker HA40 MSAT PTT Push to Talk

$ 5,199.00

The Ligado MSATe mobile satellite radio Push-To-Talk PTT network works where you do, extending the reach of existing networks by easily integrating with land mobile radio (LMR) networks.

The MSATE MSAT G2 land mobile satellite telephone system includes:

Hughes 2110 Transceiver w/bracket & wire harness, SpaceCom MSAT Antenna SPAC-AS-LS221, HA40 Peiker handset, 20 Foot antenna coax cable and user manual.

Based on terrestrial radio standards, MSATe provides a cost-effective alternative to new deployments in remote or temporary locations. Dual mode operation allows traditional telephony service to operate in tandem with Push-To-Talk (PTT) service, so customers never miss a call. 

 MSATe brochure 

 MSATe Product Specification

MSATe User Guide MSATe User Guide

 MSATe Installation Guide

MSATe Ligado service area

MSATe Ligado PTT satphone service

 MSATe specifications

MSATe satellite radio PTT satellite phone


New Peiker HA40 PTT handset. Dual voice handset and radio PTT micro[hone.

MSATe handset

MSATe fishing push to talk

MSATe marine satellite radio

MSATe data Ligado

Ligado MSATe


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MSATe fly away kit


MSATe hard cases for FEMA teams

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