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P3 Solar SAE to 2.1mmID x 5.5mm OD Barrel Plug 28001RC

$ 14.95

A 4 inch, 18 AWG zip cord cable. It has a standard SAE two prong connector on one end and a 2.1mmID x 5.5mm OD barrel plug on the other end. The SAE plug connects directly to the solar charger and the barrel plug connects to various electronic devices and battery packs.

This adapter is specifically meant to be used with P3Solar foldable solar panels, as it has its polarity reversed versus other SAE adaptors. Plug the SAE adapter either directly into the panel  or solar controller (recommended) and the 2.1mm plug into either  laptop, battery pack, or other electronic device that has the proper female receptacle.

  • Dimensions (L): 4 in
  • Weight: .4 lb
  • Model: 28001RC
  • Shipping Weight (lb.): 1
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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