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Pocket Toner for Cable TV Technicians


Pocket Toner for Cable TV Technicians

$ 12.99

The Pocket Toner is a low cost, rugged, pocket-sized go-no-go continuity tester. It is the top selling pocket toner Tone and Tag tool among CATV cable tv technicians. 


  • Pocket toner LED light indicates DC shorts, splitters and other self-grounding devices in cable
  • An audio tone identifies line carrying signal
  • Pocket toner checks circuit integrity in new and installed cable
  • Pocket toner right angle push connector permits working in tight areas
  • Female slip connector for speed toning
  • Male "F" connector style toner fitting detaches for easy mounting to outside or lockbox female fittings
  • Quick, easy continuity checks, even in systems with large cable clusters
  • 4 inch length means it is truly portable
  • Rugged all-metal construction for reliability
  • Complete with long life replaceable 12-volt battery 

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