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RG6 Crimp Tool for Quad Shield RG6 HX-596Q

Pico Digital

RG6 Crimp Tool for Quad Shield RG6 HX-596Q

$ 29.99

Pico Digitals Tru Spec Crimp Tool P/N HX-596Q for RG6 & RG59 coax cable Quad Shield Connectors.  .2-Cavity 9" Crimp Tool for RG6 .320" standard shield and RG6 quad .355" shield coaxial cable terminations. Cost-Effective Consistent Precision Crimping Action ensures quality on every connector. Star-wheel adjustable jaw-tension provides firm connector to cable bonding. High-lever action mechanism minimizes required hand pressure for increased productivity. Large grip handles minimize hand stress for effortless operation. High-Carbon Hardened Steel Construction and High quality craftsmanship ensures long life.

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