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SATRAD-CH Control Head for MSAT G2

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SATRAD-CH Control Head for MSAT G2

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The SATRAD-CV/CN Control Heads are designed for use with SATRAD vehicle installations where the SATRAD transceiver is located remotely in the vehicle. The SATRAD-CV features a robust control head permitting the user to remotely operate the transceiver as well as providing a mounted handset jack, power switch, speaker connector and volume control. The control head may be conveniently mounted within reach of the operator, typically under the dashboard or in the vehicle console. The control head features a built-in 10 watt audio amplifier for connection to the external speaker in a robust enclosure. For use with the SATRAD Mobile Network Bridge, the SATRAD-CN control head retains many of the same features of the SATRAD-CV control head but adds power management control for the SATRAD Network Bridge, as well an additional control such that it is possible to enable and disable bridge functionality from the control head.

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