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SATRAD-HE-5000 Handset Extender for MSAT G2

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SATRAD-HE-5000 Handset Extender for MSAT G2

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The SATRAD-HE-5000 handset extender (5000 version) is used for areas where the operator needs to be significantly distant from the MSAT G2 transceiver. The maximum distance this unit allows the operator to be from the transceiver is 1524m or 5000ft. It also features an external speaker and volume control knob. The handset extender has an independent power supply that can be plugged into any wall socket. The application this device is designed for is when the operator is located a large distance away from the transceiver.

The received signal sent from the MSAT G2 is amplified by the handset extender and audio signals are sent through either the handset or the 10 watt speaker. The sent signal is amplified to the point where the MSAT is able to process the signal with out error. The cable the system uses is Cat5. The signal itself, is not compatible with ethernet applications.

The extender may be mounted permanently using the holes on either side of the chassis.

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