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Thales MissionLINK VesselLINK Antenna stainless pole mount


Thales MissionLINK VesselLINK Antenna stainless pole mount

$ 339.00

Antenna pole mount for the Thales MissionLINK & VesselLINK Iridium Certus antennas, and other satphone antennas!

Thales MissionLINK VesselLINK

Manufactured in the US

For fixed site systems installed on land or marine vessels at sea.

  • Thales MissionLINK & VesselLINK Antennas
  • Ligado MSAT-G2 Spacecom Antennas
  • Hughes 9450 C11 BGAN Antenna
  • Schedule 40 316L Stainless Pipe, 1.66" I.D.  -  1.900" O.D. 
  • Mounting plate and Collar material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Includes:  Stainless steel hardware for the MissionLINK and VesselLINK antennas, LocTite Thread Sealant, Allen wrench

VesselLINK                         MissionLINK              


KCG2 FIXSS thales antenna 1100792-501  

 Iridium Certus Thales


Pictured below, antenna pole mount with optional pipe-to-pipe hardware.

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Oklahoma City Data Center. Antennas are mounted on stainless steel pipe mounts. Attached to concrete parapet using Uni strut and rigid vertical support pipe.

Sub station installation. Uni strut and rigid vertical mast for antenna mounting with stainless steel antenna pole mount.


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