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Tru Spec TA-52 806MHz UHF/VHF/FM High-Gain Launch Amplifier

Pico Digital

Tru Spec TA-52 806MHz UHF/VHF/FM High-Gain Launch Amplifier

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The The Pico Digital Tru Spec TA-52 distribution amplifier meets the most stringent requirements for off-air signal distribution in medium to large MATV and system installations.The Tru Spec TA-52 amplifier is designed to distribute signals from CATV drop line in applications such as apartment buildings, schools, and office buildings. Use the Model TA-52 in medium and larger size systems. They also include maximum protection against lightning, static and surges. Model TA-52 have front panel gain and slope controls for easy adjustment. The TA-52 has input and output monitor points. A rugged, extruded aluminum housing provides excellent heat dissipation.
  • Pass band: 54-806 MHz
  • Low Noise
  • Regulated Power Supply
  • Gain Minimum: 48 dB
  • Output Capability: 60 dBmV (3 channels)
  • Front Panel Gain and Slope Controls
  • Input and Output Monitor Points
  • Gain Control Range 10 dB minimum
  • Test Point -20 dB
  • Output Capability 60 dBmV (3 channels)
  • Switchable input attenuators 10 dB

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